Vogels VFW 426 LCD/TFT Wall Discount !!

Vogels VFW 426 LCD/TFT Wall Support (Silver)

Vogels VFW 426 LCD/TFT Wall Support (Silver)

Product Features

  • Minimum size:14 inches
  • Maximum size:26 inches
  • Minimum distance to the wall: 70mm
  • Maximum distance to the wall: 410mm
  • Interface width: 116mm

Product descriptions
Description : The VFW 426 LCD wall support for LCD/TFT screens up to 26 inch, allowing it to move freely from the wall. The VFW 426 wall support offers an optimal viewing position thanks to 3 pivot points and the turn and tilt possibility. With the cable clips you can guide your cables. The VFW 426 is a member of a complete product line, the Original series, and is a proven, solid solution. Mount your LCD/TFT to the wall to free up space and give your interior a stylish look.

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