Alessi Asinello Christmas Bauble, (pack Promo Offer

Alessi Asinello Christmas Bauble, (pack of 4)

Alessi Asinello Christmas Bauble, (pack of 4)

Product Features

  • 2 years warranty
  • Marcello Jori, LPWK
  • 13.5 cm x 9 cm
  • blown glass
  • white hand decorated

Product descriptions
Description : Has long been already träumten the creative heads of Alessi, baubles made of glass to make them. It seemed you not, a desperate add the almost endless on offer something new. According to the various designs had however the designer Marcello Jori a Eingebung. The Manger Set Beads, Disco Balls. This innovation überzeugte. The Manger at the Christmas tree - an outstanding metaphor, the eternal reconstruction of a symbolic, Konnotativen a microscopic world that brought out year after year to celebrate the birth, the renewal and the new flashing light.'... "in my area, high North that gave it the Christmas tree, but I Beneidete more lively feeling all, can be a cot, had, with all the small figures as rails, than pure decorative balls. A träumte I was then by an angel, the attached to a tree with no dagewesenen balls at night. You languages, songs or were in Joyful devotion to Versunken. Some Holy, other stars or animals, one Shin brighter than any other, and it was the baby Jesus. Tod...

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