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Dear Jane software

Dear Jane software

Product Features

  • PC Windows. CD includes 12 complete lessons from Brenda Papadakis - from fabric selection to quilting
  • Sewing tips available on each block from Brenda Papadakis
  • 62 dazzling Dear Jane Quilts, including dozens of round robin and block exchange ideas
  • Project ideas, including a sewing case table topper and sticle Oatmeal cookie recipe
  • Print patterns as blocks, templates, foundation (paper piece) patterns, or rotary cut and yard charts

Product descriptions
Description : Inspired by Brenda Papadakis's book Dear Jane: The Two Hundred Twenty-Five Patterns from the 1863 Jane A. Stickle Quilt. This software will help you see how other quilters have made their own beautiful Dear Jane quilts and even design your own on your computer screen. From there you can print patterns for your quilts or the blocks, read sewing instructions, print quilt labels, surf Dear Jane web sites and so much more. Design and learn with Dear Jane. PC Windows.

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